"We are not boys and girls, we are not addicted to any drug, maybe, in music. No, Slipknot is not a music, Slipknot is a force, a lifestyle, a love. We are a family, because family is much more than blood. We are the pulse of the Maggot.
† I'm a Zombie †



I may not have been alive when Kurt was. i may not have been alive when Kurt died. But i love him and nirvana’s music now in 2014! so what if i wasn’t alive when he was, so what if he died when i was not even born! I appreciate his music and so should you!

A friend once told me its not about how long you’ve like the band that shouldn’t count its about what music and bands you enjoy! And guess what she is right!

Without music, i don’t think i would be here today! so to everyone that says you can’t like a certain thing because you weren’t alive when it started, i say to them fuck you!

You weren’t alive when humans started breathing, so does that mean you don’t have the right to breathe? No, because everyone has the right to breathe just don’t use the sacred oxygen to preach hate when someone dying could need that oxygen!